Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics & Engineering Mentoring

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Year Type Awardee Organization State Number
2013 individual Anne Donnelly University of Florida FL 1247054
2013 individual Luis Colón State University of New York - Buffalo NY 1247103
2013 individual Lorraine Fleming Howard University DC 1246598
2013 individual John Matsui University of California, Berkeley CA 1247169
2013 individual Beth Olivares University of Rochester NY 1241989
2013 individual Sandra Petersen University of Massachussetts Amherst MA 1247118
2013 individual Julio Soto San Jose State University CA 1246545
2012 individual Sheila M. Humphreys University of California, Berkeley CA 1201808
2012 individual Murty S. Kambhampati Southern University at New Orleans LA 1202345
2012 individual Raymond L. Johnson University of Maryland MD 1201728
2012 individual Gary S. May Georgia Institute of Technology GA 1201714
2012 individual Tilak Ratnanather Johns Hopkins University MD 1201760
2012 individual Elizabeth A. Parry North Carolina State University NC 1201749
2012 individual John B. Slaughter University of Southern California CA 1201792
2012 institution GeoFORCE Texas University of Texas at Austin TX 1200068
2011 individual Anderson, Winston Howard University DC 1101895
2011 individual Gilbert, Juan E. Clemson University SC 1101770
2011 individual Jeelani, Shaik Tuskegee University AL 1101308
2011 individual Tsin, Andrew University of Texas at San Antonio TX 1101904
2011 institution Camp Reach Worcester Polytechnic Institute MA 1101766
2011 institution Diversity Programs in Engineering Cornell University NY
2011 institution Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) University of California, San Francisco CA
2011 institution The Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute Arizona State University AZ
2011 institution The Stanford Medical Youth Science Program Stanford University CA 1101913
2010 individual Bililign, Solomon North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University NC 1035729
2010 individual Cebe, Peggy Tufts University MA 1036468
2010 individual Clarke, Roy University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI 1036683
2010 individual Enriquez, Amelito Cañada College CA 1036799
2010 individual Panetta, Karen Tufts University MA 1036620
2010 institution ACE Mentor Program of America ACE Mentor Program of America CT
2010 institution Ocean Discovery Institute; Young Lives Transformed Through Science Mentoring Ocean Discovery Institute CA 1036687
2010 institution Women's Health Science Program for High School Girls and Beyond Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine IL 1036696
2009 individual Ramirez, Julio Davidson College NC 0930153
2009 individual Linton, Marigold University of Kansas KS 0931675
2009 individual Williams, Michelle University of Washington WA 0938297
2009 individual Henderson, Douglass University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 0938449
2009 individual Crumbly, Isaac Fort Valley State University GA 0938451
2009 individual Parkin, Gerard Columbia University NY 0933971
2009 individual Jackson, Bruce Massachusetts Bay Community College MA 0937353
2009 individual Carpi, Anthony CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice NY 0938172
2009 individual Mataric, Maja University of Southern California CA 0938402
2009 individual Cardenas, Richard St Mary's University, San Antonio TX 0938430
2009 individual Handelsman, Jo Yale University CT 1148175
2009 institution Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education, Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology NJ 0933962
2009 institution Women in Science and Engineering Mentoring Initiatives University of Illinois at Chicago IL 0933984
2009 institution Baccalaureate and Beyond Science Mentoring Program SUNY College at Purchase NY 0938371
2009 institution Grinnell Science Project Grinnell College IA 0938439
2008 individual Kutzko, Philip University of Iowa IA 0828508
2008 individual Bayliss, Frank San Francisco State University CA 0834211
2008 individual Elwess, Nancy SUNY College at Plattsburgh NY 0834264
2008 individual Flores, Benjamin University of Texas at El Paso TX 0828537
2008 individual Zare, Richard Stanford University CA 0828816
2008 individual Chopin, Suzzette Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi TX 0829244
2008 individual Johnson, Ashanti Institute for Broadening Participation ME 0834096
2008 individual Kauzlarich, Susan University of California, Davis CA 0834208
2008 individual Byrd, Goldie North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University NC 0834322
2008 individual Laurencin, Cato University of Connecticut Health Center CT 1015972
2008 institution Youth Development and Science Mentoring Initiatives Project Exploration IL 0829292
2008 institution Undergraduate Astronomy Research Mentoring at the Maria Mitchell Association Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association MA 0834306
2007 individual Sajwan, Kenneth Savannah State University GA 0731544
2007 individual Leszczynski, Jerzy Jackson State University MS 0731587
2007 individual Reed, Kennedy Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory CA 0731599
2007 individual Bottomley, Laura North Carolina State University NC 0731491
2007 individual Nelson, Mary Anne University of New Mexico NM 0731500
2007 individual DeLeon, Patricia University of Delaware DE 0731607
2007 individual Oppenheimer, Steven California State University, Northridge CA 0731633
2007 individual Crumpton-Young, Lesia University of Central Florida FL 0731645
2007 institution The Leadership Alliance & The Partnership for Minority Science Education Brown University RI 0731649
2006 individual Todd, Judith Pennsylvania State University PA 0627836
2006 individual Slaughter, Gayle Baylor College of Medicine TX 0627846
2006 individual Lee, George SUNY at Buffalo NY 0627385
2006 individual Draughon, Frances University of Tennessee TN 0627389
2006 individual Arratia, Juan Universidad Metropolitana PR 0627727
2006 individual Omojola, Joe Southern University at New Orleans LA 0627805
2006 individual Jacquez, Ricardo New Mexico State University NM 0627811
2006 individual Earle, Jonathan University of Florida FL 0627832
2006 individual McGuire, Saundra Louisiana State University LA 0627845
2006 individual Allison, David University of Alabama at Birmingham AL 0627852
2006 institution Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS) Program Ecological Society of America DC 0627827
2005 individual Schrader, Cheryl Boise State University ID 0528210
2005 individual Ashley, Alonzo Stanford University CA 0527860
2005 individual Lee, Jong SUNY College at Old Westbury NY 0527879
2005 individual Tucker, Sheryl University of Missouri, Columbia MO 0528305
2005 individual Dhir, Sarwan Fort Valley State University GA 0528439
2005 individual Furman, Tanya Pennsylvania State University PA 0528089
2005 individual Puri, Ashok University of New Orleans LA 0528179
2005 individual Gardella, Joseph SUNY at Buffalo NY 0528476
2005 individual Gillespie, Rosemary University of California, Berkeley CA 0528558
2005 individual Pagni, David California State University, Fullerton CA 0528559
2005 institution Minority Science Programs at the University of California, Irvine University of California - Irvine CA 0528451
2004 individual Ladner, Richard University of Washington WA 0428284
2004 individual Yanik, Elizabeth Emporia State University KS 0429203
2004 individual Schroeder, Herb University of Alaska, Anchorage AK 0430112
2004 individual Russell, Jeffrey University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 0429525
2004 individual Watkins, Steven Louisiana State University LA 0429651
2004 individual Grimes, Charlena Washington State University WA 0429729
2004 individual Blum, Lenore Carnegie-Mellon University PA 0429799
2004 individual Warner, John University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA 0429931
2004 individual Burke, Barbara California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CA 0430095
2004 institution Native Americans in Marine and Space Sciences Program University of Hawaii HI 0429546
2004 institution Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium Miami Museum of Science, Inc. FL 0429831
2004 institution American Society For Cell Biology American Society For Cell Biology MD 0429913
2004 institution University of Iowa Department of Mathematics University of Iowa IA 0429972
2004 institution Society for Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science Society for Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science CA 0429977
2003 individual Chetty, Chellu Savannah State University GA 0326177
2003 individual Grant, Christine North Carolina State University NC 0328638
2003 individual Hayden, Linda Elizabeth City State University NC 0328671
2003 individual Ingram, Ellis University of Missouri, Columbia MO 0328407
2003 individual Denton, Denice University of Washington WA 0328486
2003 individual Pruitt, Lisa University of California, Berkeley CA 0328623
2003 individual Henning, Rudolf University of South Florida FL 0328625
2003 individual Mackie, Calvin Tulane University LA 0328648
2003 individual Werner-Washburne, Margaret University of New Mexico NM 0342901
2003 institution The CONNECT project at the University of California at Riverside University of California, Riverside CA 0327699
2003 institution National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) National Society of Black Engineers VA 0327944
2003 institution Women in Engineering Program (WEP; Pennsylvania State University) Pennsylvania State University PA 0328144
2003 institution Taking a Systemic Approach to Diversity: Efforts by the American Physiological Society American Physiological Society MD 0328248
2003 institution Increasing Ph.D.s for Underrepresented Minorities Program (Sloan Foundation) Alfred P. Sloan Foundation NY 0328403
2003 institution Science and Technology Entry Programs of the New York State Education Department (STEP and CSTEP) New York State Education Department NY 0328493
2003 institution Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research of the Computing Research Association Computing Research Association DC 0328587
2003 institution Building Diversity in the Technical and Scientific Leadership of America Center for Advancement of Hispanics in Science & Engineering Education DC 0328641
2002 individual Bynum, R. David SUNY at Stony Brook NY 0227668
2002 individual Gray, Robert Stanford University CA 0227685
2002 individual Greenbaum, Steven CUNY Hunter College NY 0227750
2002 individual Wadia-Fascetti, Sara Northeastern University MA 0227872
2002 individual Mecartney, Martha University of California, Irvine CA 0227951
2002 individual Dale, Louis University of Alabama at Birmingham AL 0227581
2002 individual Liu, Chung-Chiun Case Western Reserve University OH 0227728
2002 individual Young, Sara Montana State University MT 0227769
2002 individual Barrera, Enrique Rice University TX 0227776
2002 individual Goodchild, Fiona University of California, Santa Barbara CA 0227953
2002 institution Shannon Point Marine Center Western Washington University WA 0227522
2002 institution The Raytheon College/Pre-College Engineering Mentoring Program Raytheon Company MA 0227593
2002 institution The Strengthening the Understanding of Mathematics and Sciences (SUMS) Institute at Arizona State University Arizona State University AZ 0227630
2002 institution Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network (WEPAN) Wepan, Inc. CO 0227749
2002 institution Arizona Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Partnership (Arizona MESA) University of Arizona AZ 0227958
2002 institution Timbuktu Academy - The 10-Strand Systemic Mentoring Model for Competitiveness Southern University LA 0229080
2001 individual Warshauer, Max Texas State University, San Marcos TX 0122804
2001 individual Armstrong, Earlene University of Maryland MD 0122815
2001 individual Webb, Melvin Clark Atlanta University GA 0122828
2001 individual Gray, Mary American University DC 0122831
2001 individual Dixon, Clinton Fort Valley State University GA 0122834
2001 individual Williams, Theodore College of Wooster OH 0122835
2001 individual Mehrotra, Bharati Tougaloo College MS 0122848
2001 individual Gwathmey, Judith Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases and Muscle Research MA 0123321
2001 individual Markow, Therese University of Arizona AZ 0123325
2001 individual Dase, Pamela Columbus Public Schools OH 0123327
2001 institution The Making of an Engineer Program (University of Denver) University of Denver CO 0122778
2001 institution Center for Science Excellence Program (Contra Costa College) Contra Costa Community College CA 0122782
2001 institution American Chemical Society (ACS) Diversity Programs American Chemical Society DC 0122783
2001 institution Office of Outreach of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (University of North Texas Health Sciences Center) University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth TX 0122791
2001 institution MentorNet San Jose State University CA 0123319
2001 institution Maryland Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (Maryland MESA) Johns Hopkins University MD 0123328
2001 institution Department of Science and Engineering Support (DSES) of the National Technical Institution for the Deaf (NTID) Rochester Institute of Technology NY 0123331
2001 institution AAAS Project on Science, Technology, and Disability American Association For Advancement Science DC 0123333
2001 institution Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research (SOARS) (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research-UCAR) University Corporation for Atmospheric Research CO 0209655
2001 institution Olin-Yale-Bayer New Haven Public School Science Program (New Haven Public Schools) Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program, Inc. CT 0223674
2000 individual Akins, Daniel CUNY City College NY 0003129
2000 individual Cotter, James F University of Minnesota, Morris MN 0003111
2000 individual Soffa, Mary Lou University of Pittsburgh PA 0000651
2000 individual Kuehn, Glenn New Mexico State University NM 0003091
2000 individual Guthrie, Vallie North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University NC 0003093
2000 individual Villarreal, Luis University of California, Irvine CA 0003099
2000 individual Lopez-Garriga, Juan University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez PR 0003103
2000 individual Summers, Michael University of Maryland, Baltimore County MD 0003105
2000 individual Spaht, Carlos Louisiana State University, Shreveport LA 0003106
2000 individual Zavala, Maria Elena California State University, Northridge CA 0003108
2000 individual Shabazz, Abdulalim A. Lincoln University PA 0003117
2000 institution American Society For Microbiology American Society For Microbiology DC 0003073
2000 institution Indian Natural Resource, Science and Engineering Program (INRSEP) at Humboldt State University Humboldt State University CA 0003076
2000 institution Compact for Faculty Diversity Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education CO 0003077
2000 institution Women in Science and Engineering - WISE (University of Michigan) University of Michigan MI 0003078
2000 institution North Carolina State University North Carolina State University NC 0003079
2000 institution Comprehensive Minority Faculty and Student Development Program (University of Alabama Birmingham) University of Alabama at Birmingham AL 0003080
2000 institution Washington Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (Washington MESA) University of Washington WA 0003081
2000 institution University of New Mexico's MEMS Program University of New Mexico NM 0003086
2000 institution California Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (California MESA) University of California, Office of the President CA 0003087
2000 institution Summer Research Opportunities Program - SROP (University of Illinois) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IL 0003088
1999 individual Lamba, Ram University of Puerto Rico, Cayey University College PR 9908506
1999 individual Hart, Samuel Mercer University GA 9908475
1999 individual Landis, Raymond California State University, Los Angeles CA 9908477
1999 individual Lerman, Zafra Columbia College IL 9908481
1999 individual Castro, George San Jose State University CA 9908504
1999 individual Deutschman, Harold New Jersey Institute of Technology NJ 9908508
1999 individual Chandrasekhar, Meera University of Missouri, Columbia MO 9908509
1999 individual Radtke, Richard Sea of Dreams Foundation, Inc. HI 0223684
1999 individual Bose, Ajay Stevens Institute of Technology NJ 9908498
1999 institution Science and Mathematics Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE; Oregon State) Oregon State University OR 9908490
1999 institution Douglass Project for Women in Mathematics, Science and Engineering (Rutgers) Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ 9908493
1999 institution Office of Minority Programs (OMP) in the School of Engineering & Applied Science (University of Virginia); Now the Center for Diversity in Engineering University of Virginia VA 9908495
1999 institution Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at the University of Michigan University of Michigan MI 9978673
1999 institution Academic Excellence (ACE) Honors Program (UCSC) University of California, Santa Cruz CA 9978701
1998 individual Browne, Sheila Mount Holyoke College MA 9814714
1998 individual Silber, Herbert San Jose State University CA 9814702
1998 individual Evans, Billy Joe University of Michigan MI 9814705
1998 individual Pang, Su-Seng Louisiana State University LA 9814716
1998 individual Nicholson, Jesse Howard University DC 9814718
1998 individual Roscher, Nina American University DC 9814720
1998 individual Rodriguez, Armando Arizona State University AZ 9814738
1998 individual Gorbman, Aubrey University of Washington WA 9814740
1998 individual Butterfield, D. Allan University of Kentucky KY 9814744
1998 institution AT&T Fellowship Program AT&T Laboratories NJ 9814723
1998 institution Office of Women's Programs (OWP) at Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology NJ 9814734
1998 institution Mathematics and Science Education Network (MSEN) at UNC University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC 9814737
1998 institution Women in Engineering Initiative (WIE), University of Washington University of Washington WA 9814946
1998 institution Department of Math and Statistics (UNL) University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE 9814947
1998 institution Bryn Mawr College Physics Department Bryn Mawr College PA 9814949
1998 institution To Improve Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Studies (Times 2) Times 2 Inc RI 9814951
1998 institution Coalition for Excellence and Diversity in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (UC Berkeley) University of California, Berkeley CA 9814952
1997 individual Velez, William University of Arizona AZ 9724886
1997 individual Watson, Karan Texas A&M University TX 9724842
1997 individual Ferguson, David SUNY at Stony Brook NY 9724848
1997 individual Castillo-Chavez, Carlos Cornell University NY 9724850
1997 individual Thompson, Charles University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA 9724858
1997 individual Megginson, Robert University of Michigan MI 9724871
1997 individual Richmond, Geraldine University of Oregon OR 9724874
1997 individual Ingrum, Cora University of Pennsylvania PA 9724879
1997 individual Jones, Johnnye Hampton University VA 9724882
1997 individual Warner, Isiah Louisiana State University LA 9724887
1997 institution American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) American Indian Science & Engineering Society NM 9724894
1997 institution Women in Engineering Mentoring Program (Purdue) Purdue University IN 9724895
1997 institution The San Antonio Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (PREP) (UTSA) University of Texas at San Antonio TX 9724898
1997 institution Disabilities, Opportunities, Inter-networking, and Technology (DO-IT) University of Washington WA 9725110
1997 institution Scientific Knowledge for Indian Learning and Leadership (SKILL) Program; Now known as South Dakota GEAR UP Honors Program Oglala Lakota College SD 9725114
1997 institution SECME, Inc. (formerly the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering) Georgia Tech University GA 9725116
1997 institution Program for the Retention of Engineering Students (PRES) at CUNY CUNY City University of New York NY 9725117
1997 institution Association for Women in Science, Inc. (AWIS) Mentoring Project Association for Women in Science, Inc. VA 9725151
1997 institution Cooperating Hampton Roads Organizations for Minorities in Engineering (CHROME) Old Dominion University VA 9817224
1996 individual Bagayoko, Diola Southern University LA 9612453
1996 individual Lasser, Susan J.S. Clemson University SC 9612591
1996 individual Gutierrez , Carlos California State University, Los Angeles CA 9612398
1996 individual Herman, Janet S. University of Virginia VA 9612399
1996 individual Tapia, Richard A. Rice University TX 9612426
1996 individual Bustoz, Joaquin Arizona State University AZ 9612427
1996 individual Smith, Walter S. Texas Tech University TX 9612434
1996 individual Robin, Melvin B. Science High School, Newark NJ 9612459
1996 individual Absher, Martha Shumate Duke University NC 9612589
1996 individual Adams, Howard Georgia Institute of Technology GA 9612624
1996 institution Meyerhoff Scholar Program (UMBC) University of Maryland, Baltimore County MD 9612404
1996 institution National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. NY 9612409
1996 institution New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievment (New Mexico MESA) New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievment NM 9612422
1996 institution Saturday Academy Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology OR 9612430
1996 institution Women in Science Project (Dartmouth College) Dartmouth College NH 9612588
1996 institution Double Discovery Center (Columbia University) Columbia University NY 9612646