David Pagni - Professor of Mathematics

Dr. David Pagni is a professor in the mathematics department at California State University, Fullerton. Pagni's mentoring has served high school students and current high-school teachers through mathematics engagement, mentoring and professional development activities. As part of his mentoring activity, Pagni has mentored about thirty female minority high-school students each summer (1993-2004) as part of the Mathematics Intensive Summer Session (MISS). Activities in this program include a focus on improved mathematics knowledge and skills, as well as attitude enhancement, preparation for college (Pagni also writes letters of recommendation), and interaction with female role models. 

Pagni also works in teacher professional development through several funded programs, working to improve teachers' delivery skill, content knowledge, and understanding of mathematics curriculum for k-12 classrooms. Teachers also work on presentation and leadership development skills, with the outcomes including roles as instructors of other teachers, curriculum developers, and leaders in professional societies.