Max Warshauer - Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Max L. Warshauer has worked with students in grades K-12 as well as his undergraduate and graduate students for the past 22 years. He has worked to recruit students, and uses innovative but sound pedagogical techniques to mentor and motivate a diverse range of students to achieve and excel in mathematics. 

Warshauer developed the Honors Summer Math Camp at Southwest Texas State University twelve years ago; it is a program for high-school students which is recognized as one of the top programs of this type in the country. Six years ago he developed the Junior Summer Math Camp, which will engage one hundred twenty-five teachers and more than twenty-five hundred students at six sites to improve their skills in algebra and other areas of mathematics where they experience difficulty.

Those he has mentored include underrepresented minority students (ethnicity and/or socio-economic status) in science and mathematics fields. Approximately half of his students are women, and he encourages all to explore research as a part of the learning process. His mentor programs, particularly the summer math camps, are nationally known, and he has a strong reputation for continuously refining his programs and building replicable models that can be used by other mentors and other universities.