Women in Engineering Program (WEP) Pennsylvania State University

The Women in Engineering Program (WEP) at Pennsylvania State University involves women participants across a broad range of points in career development. This is a very strong nomination; the panelists indicated that it targets well what a mentoring program should be. Notably, 25 percent of participants are women of color. WEP has identified barriers to women in academic engineering programs and strategies/methods to overcome them. Women in engineering are retained at a high rate (60-70 percent at the end of sophomore year). WEP provides mentors for women early in their collegiate experience. It is a program with a variety of activities, and involves one-on-one mentoring and team leadership activities. WEP has a good success rate with proven results and is supported by the University. Other programs on campus are using the WEP orientation component as a model and other universities are adapting the overall WEP as a model.