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Joaquin Bustoz (Deceased, In Memoriam)

Joaquin Bustoz (Deceased, In Memoriam)

Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona | 1996
Dr. Joaquin Bustoz was a Professor of Mathematics at the Arizona State University (ASU) at the time he received the PAESMEM award. In 1973, Dr. Bustoz was a Senior Fulbright Lecturer at la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Dr. Bustoz career was dedicated to helping minority students in the field of mathematics. From the elementary school he attended, which was later renamed in his honor, to working extensively on Navajo and Pima tribal lands, his main focus was helping minority students advance in academia. His mission of providing opportunities to underrepresented students in the mathematics and science fields is continued by Arizona State University, who hosts the Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program.
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