Carlos Spaht

Louisiana State University, Shreveport | Shreveport, LA | 2000

Carlos Spaht Portrait Photo

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In 1992, Dr. Spaht established the Louisiana Preparatory Program (LaPREP), an enrichment program for high-ability middle school students. The purpose of LaPREP is to motivate and instruct its participants to pursue college studies in science, mathematics, and engineering. LaPREP begins its ninth session in June 2000 - six hours a day, seven weeks per summer. Each year, 30 sixth and seventh-grade students are selected as first-year participants. Successful first-year students are invited to return for a second year. Laboratory experience, including hands-on academic research activities, is an integral part of LaPREP in that it introduces mathematics and science as active and participatory processes. 

Dr. Spaht addresses every aspect of the program, including curriculum development, mentoring, training program staff, recruiting participants, and raising funds. More than 225 students have completed at least one year of LaPREP. All former participants who have graduated from high school have enrolled in college with over 90 percent majoring in science, mathematics or engineering. Dr. Spaht is presently a member of the faculty of Louisiana State University, Shreveport.